• Harris Tweed collection officially appeared

    Harris tweed used by the royal family has become a key trend in autumn and winter 2021. Our editor interprets the history of Harris tweed for you. Popbae released a collection of fashionable accessories such as bags, scarves, hats and gloves designed and produced by Harris tweed. View Post
  • Does The Thickness Of The Wetsuit Determine The Temperature Of Your Dive? How To Choose The Diving WetSuit?

    I believe that professional divers all know the functions and benefits of diving suits, and how to choose diving suits. Many non professional divers may think too much about the price of diving suits when they buy them, and determine the quality of the product by the price. In fact, otherwise, ho... View Post
  • Animal Prints: Why The Perennial Trend Will Be Forever Chic

    From leopard-print to tigers and cheetahs Trends come and go (and come and go), but there are some things that never go out of style. They may be more popular one season than another but, on the whole, they are forever pieces that form the cornerstones of our wardrobes. And this season, amid all... View Post
  • Back To The Fashion Vibes Of The 80'S, Master Neon Style This Spring&Summer.

    When it comes to controversial trends, neon's at the top of the list. But despite its infamous past, we've recently been seeing the reflective color scheme in a new, gentler light. Among other kitschy trends, from beaded bags to cowrie shell jewelry, neon has found a way to shed its tacky histo... View Post
  • POPBAE Official Site

    POPBAE is an online fashion store for women&men.Our fashion team provides the latest pop items of this season, with 100s of new styles landing every week!Shop the “it” handbags, dresses, tees, bodysuits, shoes, sunglasses, jeans, beauy&more, discover the latest fashion and trends.No need to wait bae, explore your dream fashion life now! View Post